Amy Garrick

Let me introduce myself. I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I graduated from University of Virginia in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I spent two years working at the FBI as an analyst before making the decision to go back to school to get my MBA. I decided I was more interested in a marketing research career than working in the criminal justice sector, although my time there taught me a lot about myself and my future goals. After a bit of research and sending out applications, I happily accepted the offer to attend Tulane in the fall of 2011

Time just keeps flying by. It is hard to believe I came down to New Orleans in early July. Since I originally come from Buffalo, New York, I have no words to describe how hot the weather is here in July and August.  After successfully moving into my apartment, dubbed Dracula’s castle by many, I have adjusted well to the New Orleans lifestyle.

I highly recommend the summer session. It gives you extra time to learn your way around and you make friends earlier and get to know some of your professors. It may be tough to give up part of your summer, but I would say it’s worth it.

The first several weeks have been grueling. I had taken one business class prior to entering the Freeman school and I was unsure what to expect. It has been an aggregate of fun, pain, excitement, hilariousness, misery and learning. The best part about this program is how much of a family we have become. Other business schools may be competitive and cutthroat, but if I’m struggling with a concept here, I can ask any number of classmates who will help me out. The professors are also very accessible to you as a personal resource if you need extra help.

The next best thing about this program is the fact that you get to travel. Our upcoming trip this spring is to Greece and we are beyond thrilled to be going there. Several of us are planning to travel afterwards to gain more benefit from this unique aspect of our program. The second year students are preparing for their trip to South America and we are eager to hear their stories once they return.

Another perk of the Freeman school is living in New Orleans. The music, food, culture and city have so much to offer any person. I joined the Tulane Entrepreneurship Association and I am part of a team doing MatchNola. This program matches us with a local business  and we are working with NolaVie. The goal of NolaVie is to capture the culture of New Orleans in an online newspaper format and newsletter. We are currently helping them plan an event for November 11th featuring a local designer, DJ and band. It has been a fun experience so far and it is a great way to meet people in the city while gaining extra business experience.

Lastly, Halloween in New Orleans is incredibly fun. The mansions on St Charles are all decorated and the city really gets excited. Many attend VooDoo fest throughout the weekend or head to Frenchman street. The GBC (Graduate Business Council) hosts a Halloween Party and all the graduate Freeman students are invited to attend. This year’s party was at the Rusty Nail and the costumes were amazing. Everyone had a great time.

In summation, no one said it was easy to make the decision to go back to school. I have been lucky that I have met such wonderful people. I believe the place you are going to school is just as important as the school itself and New Orleans could not be a more fun and exciting location to spend at least two years of your life.

-Amy Garrick