Spring Semester / Internships / Mardi Gras

Welcome back to the 2nd semester of my 1st year! This has been a busy semester for us all. It started off slowly which was nice, but now we are in full swing preparing for Mardi Gras and getting ready for our trip to Greece. I am currently taking a finance class focusing on Corporate finance, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Planning and Implementation, and our required classes of Management Communications and European Union. This semester gives us more flexibility to take classes in our focus areas, so I’ve been enjoying my marketing classes a lot. In consumer behavior, we analyzed the Super Bowl commercials, and I’ve noticed I pay more attention to print ads and how they are designed.

Now that is February, we are really getting into the internship interview season. I have been lucky enough to interview with several companies I am interested in. This is probably one of the most challenging aspects of the spring semester. Everyone knows the value of networking, but just because you know someone does not mean you will get an interview or get the job. I have been applying online, and I’ve been lucky to get some callbacks. These interviews did not just fall into my lap, I sent my resume everywhere. I really put effort into searching each week for the past 12 weeks. The smartest thing any graduate student can do is be proactive about your future plans. Take the time to really think about what you want to be doing in two years, five years and even 10 years. Make a plan.

Here are my rules:
1) Be proactive
2) Set goals. Mini ones, big ones. (i.e. apply to 5 internships this week, research companies, reach out to contacts)
3) Refine your resume. Have multiple versions of your resume and cover letters ready to send out
4) Reach within your network if you really like certain companies. Ask around. People are willing to help; you just need to ask
5) Prepare for your interview. Know the company, have questions ready.
6) Follow up after an interview with a thank you and make it personal, not generic.

Many of us are getting very excited for our trip to Europe. We are working with a shipping company and an energy company. Both represent two markets we have here in New Orleans which I think matches well with the skills many of us would like to expand. Some of us are traveling around afterwards. I am going to Lisbon and Barcelona. We leave in a month!

Without a doubt, the biggest event is Mardi Gras. In the next 12 days, this city will be invaded by thousands of visitors coming to celebrate and take part in the parades, balls, and festivities the city has to offer. It is a fun time. I have already had too much king cake. Happy Mardi Gras season to all!

Amy Garrick