Mardi Gras, Greece, and the End of 1st Year

I think it is called business school because we are constantly busy! Since my last blog, Mardi Gras season wrapped up, we traveled to Greece (and more), we completed our first Global leadership module and came back to numerous New Orleans festivals and fun. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Mardi Gras was very fun. It was my second Mardi Gras since I came my last year of college in undergrad, but it is a totally different experience to live here. The streets are all parked up, the city celebrates all night, you wake up to marching bands, beads everywhere, and another parade starts. It is incredibly fun and overwhelming. It was fun to see some of our classmates ride in certain Krewes. I know we all ate plenty of king cake and some of us attended a few of the Mardi Gras balls. It really is a great way to experience the city and it is quite family friendly. I have a collection of Frisbees, footballs, and beads in my living room.

In the midst of all the Mardi Gras fun, we were working on our European global leadership module. Our project was to present an entry strategy recommendation to an energy company in Greece. It was an interesting way to learn about the European Union and energy industry. During our trip to Greece, we attended several lectures from the local university professors. We also visited local companies to get an inside look at their business models and how they are handling the euro crisis. During the evenings, we would go out to different restaurants and bars to try local cuisine (and ouzo). The last night was a nice dinner celebration and it was fun to be abroad with almost our entire 1st year class. I spent the next week traveling to Portugal and Spain with two of my classmates which was an incredibly enjoyable experience. It really makes you appreciate the global aspect of the program. We are all looking forward to Argentina in the fall!

Back in New Orleans, we have been busy with our new core classes in accounting and process modeling. Nearly all of our classes have final projects. This semester is definitely about teamwork. It can really test your patience at times, but it reminds me that the ‘real’ world will likely present the same obstacles.

This summer I will be interning at Shutterfly in Redwood City, California. I am really looking forward to the experience and applying some of my newly acquired skills to a current business model.  It has certainly been a demanding semester, so an internship should be easy, right? 😉

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