Summer Blogging

I am entering my 2nd year at the Freeman school at Tulane and spending my summer interning at Shutterfly in California. They sent an offer back in early February, so the time has finally come to begin my 10 week internship. After the first week, it has been an exciting mix of meeting new people, meetings, reading, and information overload. Everyone here has been so welcoming and I’ve been given the opportunity to learn a lot about the company and how each division works.

Some background on me and how I ended up here for the summer: I have a bachelor’s degree from University of Virginia in Psychology. I spent 2 years working in the government before I realized I wanted to take my career in a slightly different direction. I discovered a passion for the topic of decision making — I really want to understand how people make decisions and what influences those decisions. I chose to go to business school before venturing into the private sector since I knew very little about business. I specifically wanted to focus in marketing research.

I began applying to internships pretty early into the 1st semester. I was not constrained geographically because I wanted to leave New Orleans for the summer. I used for most of my searches. I applied to Shutterfly through a listing on there and got an interview a month and a half later. After several interviews, I received an offer and accepted it with a start date of June 11th.

The internship is within the marketing research and insight team. I am assisting with current projects and working on a segmentation project during the 10 weeks which will culminate with a final presentation on my findings.  The company has also designed learning lunches while we are interning where we get to hear from executives. There is also a company event – going to a Giants baseball game.

Overall, I am definitely learning a lot, and I am happy to say I am using a lot of techniques and concepts I covered in my marketing classes. Cheers everyone! Enjoy the summer.

Amy Garrick