Back In Business!

After our Hurrication thanks to Hurricane Isaac, we are in full swing here at Tulane. Second year is different from first year because we have the opportunity to choose more of our classes than ever before. I am currently taking Market Research, Executive Leadership, Competition & Strategy as electives and Managing People and Strategic Consulting as my core classes.

We are also starting to prepare for our Argentina trip. We have selected our teams and projects and we will soon begin conferences with the client. The Argentina project is a bit different from the other trip projects because we work with NGOs. I think this a great way for students to help give back to the community.

Many of the clubs and organizations have begun. I am the VP of Communications for the MBA – Women International Tulane Chapter. We are currently planning two events: a networking event and a fundraising event. One of the first year MBAs, Lydia Nemo, helped found Enlighten through Travel and we are hoping to raise money and awareness for her organization. One of the organization’s goals is to, “Enlighten through travel provides students with ACT/SAT tutoring, college prep mentoring, scholarship application assistance, money management and event programming skills, and the life-changing experience of completing an educational tour of countries around the world. Participants of this year’s program will travel to China in June of 2013.”

New Orleans remains hot and sunny (for the most part) and we are all trying to take advantage of the many things this city has to offer.  It is a busy time of year. Many students are beginning to look for jobs and opportunities for after graduation and participating in Freeman Days events.  I think we are all going to make the most of our last year here at Tulane. We are a family here at Tulane and that is one of the things I have enjoyed most about being here; we look out for each other.

Last, but not least, many of you know Devon Walker, a Tulane football player, was seriously injured in the game against Tulsa. Please support Devon and find more information here:

Thanks and be safe y’all!

Amy Garrick
Tulane MBA Candidate 2013