MBAs Meet with the Croatian Ambassador

This past weekend, a group of us MBA’s had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by the Croatian Ambassador, followed up by a sit down lunch with him and the consul.

The morning started off with Ambassador Paro speaking to a group of Freeman students in one of our presentation halls. The Ambassador discussed a bit of Croatia’s history, where it stands now as a future member of the European Union (EU), the process Croatia has undergone to try and become a member of the EU, and some general hopes he has for the relationship between the United States and Croatia. After he concluded, he opened the floor to the students who all had very interesting questions about leadership, emerging economies, and crisis management.

After the talk, we were excited to have the opportunity to sit down with the Ambassador and other members of the Croatian delegation, including Freeman alumni, Jamie Coleman.  For the lunch itself, most of us had never even stepped foot on Audubon Place (a gated community where Drew Brees lives), let alone been inside one of the houses. At the door we were greeted by three butlers that took everyone’s drink order and made us feel at home.  Looking around the house, there was an art collection that rivaled any private collection most of us had ever seen.  Lunch was three courses and was prepared by a chef that had his own published cookbook!  Not to mention, the conversation and company could not have been any better.

It was truly an honor for us to spend time with such incredible company, only an experience we could have had here at Tulane.

Amy Garrick, Albin Soares, and Juan Carlos Aguirre

MBA Candidates

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