MBA Candidate Amy Garrick Answers Questions About Her MBA Experience

I recently got to spend time with some accepted students for the class of 2015 and some who were just in the process of applying to the Freeman school of business. I always enjoy meeting potential students because it is fun to see where people are coming from and to hear their personal stories about why they want to go to business school. It is a tough decision to decide to go back to school and I hope that I help people make a more educated decision.

One part of the student visit is a panel of current students who talk to the visitors for an hour. The students get to ask us any questions they want. No professors or Tulane employees are in the room at the time so it really is an open conversation with peers. We usually start by giving a little background on who we are and then give the floor to the guests for questions. We frequently get asked certain questions so I figured I’d take the time to share this information on the blog.

What made you decide to come to Tulane?

Everyone has their own reasons, but the most common answers are New Orleans, the global aspect of the program, and the finance or entrepreneurship program. I came for the first two reasons. New Orleans is a wonderful place to live, and I really wanted the opportunity to spend some time down here. I also spent a lot of my childhood traveling, but I passed on the opportunity to study abroad in undergrad. Many MBA programs offer you the chance to travel, but it is either over winter break or for an entire semester. Tulane’s program differs because we have 3 international trips built into the semesters. It is a great way to learn how other cultures do business. Since so many businesses are going global, I felt this aspect of the program was unique and valuable.

I haven’t taken a math class in years, will I struggle? How hard is the first semester? I’m nervous about certain classes.

I won’t say that the first semester is easy, it is really hard. It is tough to get back into the swing of school and you hit the ground running. Our core classes are 7 weeks long and that is a lot of information to cover in a short period of time. But, the good part about all of this is you have 80 classmates right there with you supporting you. The professors are very willing to help you if you are struggling and will help you get the additional resources if you need them. The professors act like this is everyone’s’ first time learning the material and you do not need to have any prior knowledge. Some basic math skills are good to know and familiarizing yourself with excel can be helpful. Tulane now offers online courses you can take before starting in August and I recommend taking a look at those if you are concerned.

Why should I not go to Tulane?

I think business school is a personal decision for everyone and you want to choose the right program for you. The best way to know if Tulane is right for you is to come and visit. If you can’t, I recommend looking at the course offerings to see if Tulane offers classes on topics you are interested in. Also, it is a smaller program and that might not be right for everyone. I personally like the smaller class sizes because we really get to know all our classmates and professors really well.  But remember, it is a personal decision and you know what is best for you.

Do I need to know what I want to do before I get to business school?

No, you don’t. Some people have a good idea of what they want to do afterwards, but others are trying to figure that out. I would recommend having an idea, but I would also suggest being open-minded. Many students change their concentration or find themselves being drawn to a class or topic they did not expect to enjoy.

What about the internship process?

Many students get internships over the summer. I would recommend starting your search early. If you want a finance internship, you really need to start applying right when you get to school. The career center can put you in touch with people and is a good resource for information on specific careers and industries. Do your homework and then go talk to a career counselor. The best advice I can give you is to apply, apply, apply. I know it is hard to find time your first semester, but make the effort and you will be grateful later. Also, try and attend a national conference and network early on. These conferences give you the opportunity to meet a lot of people and it is good exposure for you.

What is your favorite part about the Freeman school?

I really have to say the people. From the admissions office to professors to my awesome classmates (MBA2s and MBA1s), there are great people here. Everyone is supportive of each other. Many business schools are competitive and cutthroat. We aren’t like that here. Tulane really is a family, and I think that is special.

As graduation approaches, I can say I have really enjoyed my time here at Tulane. I will be sad to leave this place. I have gained so much knowledge and I feel prepared for the next step.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions so feel free to email me at

Amy Garrick
MBA Candidate, Class of 2013