Immediate Relevance

While I went to a full-time MBA Program, I’ve been doing admissions for part-time MBA programs for ten years.  The obvious advantages of this MBA path are that you keep your job and gain experience while earning your MBA.  Not only do you still have income while going to school, often employers will provide some tuition assistance.
Immediate relevance and application is probably the greatest hidden benefit of a part-time path to an MBA.  Each class that you will take in the Tulane Professional MBA Program will drill down into one aspect of running an organization.   In many classes, you will have case studies to reinforce the material.  In all classes, the ongoing case study is your own your organization.   In each class you will take what you are learning and analyze how this applies to your job, and how you might improve your performance and the performance of the entire organization.  This ability to immediately apply lessons allows many students to make an immediate positive financial impact or quality increase at their employers.
So get studying and improve yourself and your organization.  To learn more about the PMBA program send me an email at –
Patrick Foran