Tip #1: Where to Live

As the school year has begun and my blogging has officially started, I am going to start posting tips about things I learn over the course of the school year.  To commence this, my first tip will pertain to advice I have learned from my recent move to the Crescent City and will hopefully help future Tulane graduate students have an easier transition into the MACCT program.

Tip #1: Find housing close to campus. Not really knowing anyone that went to Tulane, I had no idea that this was not a school where students drove to class. While many students have cars in New Orleans, the lack of parking on campus and strict parking restrictions on streets adjacent to campus make it very difficult to drive to school. As a result, most students that live off-campus either bike or walk to class. Coming from a college where the majority of students drove to school everyday, I was certainly not used to this but have been quickly able to adapt by purchasing a bicycle. With plenty of rental properties available in the residential area surrounding Tulane, it is typically only a short bike ride or walk to campus.