Alumni Profile: Adam Salup

I attended the program from August 2007-May 2010 and I am currently working as a change manager for DuPont as well as a partner in 2 startup companies.
I have always had an interest in business, but never had time to take classes during my time as an engineering undergrad. What I loved about the PMBA program is that it allowed me to learn business at night while working and earning a salary during the day. Having a technical background and working as an engineer I wanted to get more exposure to the business side of the company. Knowing how to design something is valuable but understanding why it needs to be done and its financial implications is even better. Understanding both sides of an opportunity helps to give me confidence that I am making the right decision. I also got an opportunity to travel the world while taking the global leadership classes. It gave me an unfiltered view of how businesses are run in other countries and how much the world has become truly global.
I would absolutely recommend the Tulane PMBA program to a friend! I met some of my best friends and best connections in the city through the PMBA program. The Tulane name has a great reputation, especially in New Orleans. Having that name on an MBA degree employers will know that you are a hard worker and quality employee. The PMBA opened new doors for me and I would not be in my current role without it.
Adam Salup