Freeman Consulting Group Showcase

The Freeman Consulting Group hosted their annual FCG Showcase on January 31st. Over the course of the evening, approximately 75 attendees visited the Qatar Ballroom in the LBC to hear team’s present the culmination of their work.
Having doubled in size this year, the Freeman Consulting Group is made up of 120 members from different Freeman Graduate programs.
At the beginning of September, FCG’s leadership team went through a project screening and staffing process that resulted in 16 consulting projects across a range of industries including transportation, technology, and entertainment. “Staffing project teams was a big challenge this year, because of our size. We wanted each team to be equipped with the necessary leadership and skill diversity to be successful, but we did not want to take on more projects than we as officers could capably oversee,” says Gustavo Baptista, FCG President. The 16 teams were given 3 months to meet with clients, determine scope, model, research, and submit draft reports to the FCG board.
Prior to the January showcase, the FCG board selected 5 project teams as finalists to present at the showcase. The presented projects were then voted on by a 7 person panel organized by FCG advisor, Sherif Ibrahim. The 7 judges represented companies in industries as diverse as Ernst & Young and Cleaver & Co, and 3 of the judges were also former FCG officers. After the 5 finalist presentations, the judges named the Recovery School District project (led by MBA 2, Andrew Karst) as the winner.
When asked about the future of FCG after such a pivotal growth year, Timur Ivannikov, the VP of Finance and Operations, comments, “Maintaining client relationships is very important, particularly when we think about how we transition to next year’s officers.” Timur went on to mention FCG’s plans to continue working with the Recovery School District and the Bio Innovation Center.
“The Freeman Consulting Group exists to serve clients in our New Orleans community, but more importantly, it exists to serve our students. Not only can students apply the skills they learn in class to real world problems, but they also gain exposure and insight to new industries, enhance their resumes, and expand their networks.”
Gustavo Baptista, MBA 2 and FCG President
The FCG plans to hold officer elections in mid-March.
Sarah Turner, MBA 2