Reflections on President Cowen’s Last Commencement

I thought I was well prepared before the Unified Commencement Ceremony. After President Cowen’s speech, I realized that I was not. He suggested our journey be defined by three commitments – life-long learning, making a difference, and finding our passion. In his words, “ the truth is that any career worth pursuing, any endeavor worth undertaking, any dream worth dreaming and any life worth living is defined by the continual, lifelong pursuit of learning and knowledge”. I was totally moved by his strong inspiration power, by his insistence of academic pursuits, by his love to all of us – the students in Tulane. My tears could not block me from seeing President Cowen’s greatness and kindness.

During President Cowen’s speech, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was full of applause. It was not just thankfulness from all Tulane students, it was a certainty, a respect, an honor to this tough president who was about to leave us. I realized that I had a lot to be thankful for after this meaningful year.

The Tulane MFIN program equipped me with a high level of financial expertise. One year in New Orleans made me more vigorous, generous, and passionate. One year of cross culture communication taught me how to share, how to accept, and how to say thanks. One year is short, but it really taught me a lot. I appreciate every professor who taught me, I appreciate every classmate who I worked with, I appreciate every staff member who quietly sacrificed for us.

Weixin Zhang (Michael), MFIN Alum