Public Universities vs Tulane

After studying at Tulane for a few months, I have realized significant differences exist between public and private universities. I attended a large public university all four years of undergrad. Although that will always be my alma mater, I know I made the right choice to continue my studies with Tulane.

Tulane offers resources in an environment that facilitates learning and networking. The smaller class size is a huge benefit when it comes to professional learning. At first, I was nervous about a teacher knowing my name and asking for my input in class. Now, I look forward to a teacher calling on me. This may seem a little weird, but I can already see a huge improvement in my learning style. Whenever I read assignments for class, I now connect all the small details to see the big picture. In addition, my public speaking has improved since I am speaking in front of people almost every day. The environment challenges me to always be prepared and look for ways of self-improvement.

I never received this attention from my public university professors. I will never forget towards the end of my junior year of undergrad when I went to my professor for help. When I walked into his office, he had to ask my name and what section I was taking. This shocked me because I had never missed a class, and he still could not separate me from everyone else. The sudden realization that I was just another face in the crowd convinced me that I needed to make a change.

Not all public universities are guilty of what I have described and some students do not thrive in a discussion-based environment. I know for myself, Tulane is exactly what I need for graduate school. Tulane mixes challenging course work while providing a sense of community. There are social events nearly every week with peers and teachers to provide a chance to network. Tulane places a huge emphasis on networking. There are always events to meet professionals. In addition, I am constantly finding helpful things Tulane has to offer. For example, free printing on campus, a graduate business student lounge, and plenty of parking for commuting students are just some of the small benefits that Tulane can offer over my undergraduate school. I will always love my undergraduate institution, but Tulane is providing the resources and attention to help my career.

Neil Huntsman