Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

Halloween is one of the traditional festivals in the U.S. Each year the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), the department serving international students at Tulane, holds activities for festivals like Halloween. Last year we had “Pumpkin Carving” which is a Halloween tradition.

Each group of students were given one large pumpkin to make a Jack-o’-lantern. First we cut the top of the pumpkin as a cap, then we took all the seeds out (they are a nourishing snack). After that we drew a face on the surface of the pumpkin, and then started carving out eyes, a nose and a mouth. The pieces of pumpkin carved out were not thrown away – we brought them home to cook for dinner. It was great fun to carve a pumpkin. The fresh sweet smell of pumpkins came along with the cutting. It was a wonderful afternoon. We ate Halloween cake, laughing and chatting and enjoying the party. At Tulane there are many interesting activities to take part in all year round.

Zheying “Melody” Chen, MACCT’14