Jonathan Ginsburgh

My name is Jonathan Ginsburgh and I am from Alexandria Louisiana. I attended Tulane University for my Undergraduate and could not think of attending anywhere else for my Masters. I have never really blogged before, but I know I will be able to express how much I have enjoyed the past 4 months of my life through the Masters of Management program.

I will first start with the people. Everyone in the administration along with every single student attending the program really helps shape this program. Everyone in the administration has extended a helping hand in any way possible. It does not even have to be about school. I feel as if I can talk to them about anything. They really do try to get to know you on a personal level. They are very present around the school and truly do care about your success now and in the future. The Professors are on the same level as well. They are have been nothing but nice and very willing to go the extra mile to help us outside out class. They have been extremely flexible. For example, one of my Professors was out of town, but he gave me his cell phone number, which allowed me to call him to ask a couple of questions on a recent material. This is just one example of many. The students that I have been able to share this experience with have been incredible. This group has great diversity, leadership, and ambition. Everyone is willing to help one another and pick each other up. We have become a tight knit group over these last four months. One of the other great things about being in the MMG program is being able to take classes with the year one MBA’s. The same thing can be said for this group as well. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know each an everyone of them. Since most of them are older and are coming back from the workforce, they have been great people to learn from their experiences.

Usually people think being in a classroom and listening to a Professor everyday is boring at times, but I can not say that for the MMG program. Everyday is something new. The personality of the Professors and the interactive learning really engages each an every student. Some of our classes even incorporate real world scenarios. Being able to look at real case studies and learn from this material will end up being extremely helpful when faced with these real life scenarios in our business futures. One class in particular includes working with an international company in China. We have been helping this company in deciding how to distribute their products in America. We even have to opportunity provided by the program to go to China for a week to meet and present our findings to the company we have been working with. Having the opportunity to gain this international work experience has been a great challenge. Being able to work through the business culture differences and barriers will only help us grown and benefit when faced with these challenges later on in life. I could go on an on, but this should give you a pretty good idea about how great this program really is and what it can offer you and your future.

Last but not least is New Orleans itself. Being able to go to school in this great city is an added bonus. There is no other place like it. The culture is one of a kind with many festivals going on almost non stop. There are many music festivals going on such a Jazzfest and Voodoo Fest to name a few. Many well known artists take part in these events each an every year. New Orleans also has a big Hollywood production industry with many shows and movies being filmed on Tulane’s campus. Actors such as Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Sandra Bullock, Miley Cyrus, Mark Wahlberg, and many more have filmed movies on our campus throughout the years. Mardi Gras in the spring is a once in a lifetime experience. To see a whole city almost shut down to celebrate this annual festivity is an incredible sight to see. It is an event that separates this city from the rest of the world.

All of this combined should give someone a great overall view of not only the MMG program, but the whole experience inside an outside the classroom. I look forward to the what next semester has in store and another great 4 months of my life.

Jonathan Ginsburg, MMG