Internship at Grant Thornton in Chicago

This winter I have been interning in Chicago for Grant Thornton. Coming from Texas, the idea of winter was a totally new to me. Today’s high is 0 degrees and the low is -9. Our third day of work was cancelled because the wind chill was -40 degrees, and it was too dangerous to go outside. That was crazy to me! Aside from that, I’ve been loving every minute of my time here in Chicago. It is just like New Orleans in the sense that it is impossible to be bored!

I’m currently doing an audit internship. By the end of my internship I will have worked on 8 clients. It has been so great getting experience in such a variety of industries. My typical responsibilities include testing cash, capital assets, investments to and from subsidiaries, preparing analytics, testing journal entry completeness, and assisting in different aspects of the audit.

So far, my favorite part of my internship is getting to know such amazing people at Grant Thornton. Everyone has been so outgoing and friendly. People really take the time to get to know us for who we are, and I have been able to make some amazing friends. My senior and associate on my first client have become some of my best friends here, and I feel so fortunate so have them as mentors as I continue with my internship. Despite the cold weather, I’ll really miss everything about my internship and Chicago once school begins.

Anne Alissa Cheatham
BSM / MACCT Candidate