Deloitte Visits Beta Alpha Psi

On Friday, March 6th, employees from Deloitte, LLP came to speak at our Beta Alpha Psi meeting. Elaine Reyes, Director of Audit in the New Orleans office talked about Deloitte and what it is like to work there. Deloitte has 107 U.S. offices in 90 cities with over 64,000 employees in addition to its offices in over 150 countries. Deloitte specializes in four areas of service, which include Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS), Consulting, Tax, and Financial Advisory Services (FAS). By 2020, Deloitte envisions focusing and expanding on its four pillars: quality, growth, operational excellence, and people.

When beginning a career in audit, you work towards building a broad audit experience, which includes working in the various industries within audit. As you continue on your path, you will work on building expertise and move onto applying that expertise in a broad manner across all of your work.

Elaine highlighted an awesome perk of working for Deloitte, which is Deloitte University. Deloitte University is a facility where employees and new hires go to work on team building exercises and to network with employees from all over the country. New hires typically attend Deloitte University within their first 90 days of employment, with 17,000 new hires going to Deloitte University each year.

Finally, we heard about Deloitte’s dedication to volunteer work. Deloitte focuses on pro bono work as well as environmental sustainability as it is big on community involvement. After the presentation, Elaine and the other Deloitte employees were kind enough to answer any questions members of BAP had for them. It was a pleasure having Deloitte come talk to us at Beta Alpha Psi and we look forward to having them back soon!