Yiyi Tang – Master of Management

My name is Yiyi Tang. I’m from Shanghai, China. I’ve just finished my undergraduate of Japanese Business in Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce. Now I’m studying Master of Management (MMG) at Tulane University.

MMG is kind of like one of my life’s surprise gifts to me not only because it’s a meaningful study abroad experience for me, but also because the courses in MMG are so unique in that these courses place emphasis on cultivating my decision-making skills, team building skills and strengthening my business knowledge.

Also, these are the reasons why I choose this program for my further studying. We’ve all build solid academic knowledge in undergraduate and are trying to face the real world job market. Thus, we really need some practical skills, such as problem solving abilities and leadership ability, to prepare. To be better. So I’m here to study in the MMG program.

Through the summer semester in MMG, one of the most impressive things is the team-building activities each week. Based on cultivating my team working abilities, these activities also give me a valuable opportunity to seek my potential power and improve myself. I’m so excited about the following courses in MMG!