Finding the Right Fit with MMG

In my undergraduate studies as a liberal arts student at Tulane, I changed my major many times searching for the right fit.  I truly enjoyed the flexibility of undergraduate life and being able to pursue what interested me in the moment. By May of 2015, I was proud to have completed degrees in both English and International Development, and to have produced a documentary that made it into the New Orleans Film Festival.

However, in that last semester of college, as my fellow students were applying for jobs and internships, I realized that I had not yet discovered what I wanted to do with my life, or even what field I was interested in pursuing for a career.  Looking at job listings requiring skills and experience I did not yet have encouraged me to look into the fifth year graduate programs Tulane had to offer.  

The Master of Management program has proved to be the perfect fit.  The program offers the skills and foundational knowledge of the business world I did not gain through my liberal arts degrees, and has given me much more confidence in myself as a future member of the workforce.  Where 6 months ago I felt lost and daunted by the job search, I now feel confident and capable of playing many roles in the business world.  

The summer session provided the foundation for our class, focusing on team building and group work that has been invaluable to our studies in the fall semester.  I look forward to our trip to India as a chance to further develop the skills we have built over the past 6 months, and gain a hands on understanding of the global business world.  I cannot stress enough how valuable the resources and knowledge of the A.B. Freeman School of Business School have been to me over the course of this past semester.  

I truly believe that this program has made all the difference for me on both personal and professional levels.  As a non-business oriented student who never saw herself pursuing this path, I can tell you from experience that the MMG program has something to offer for everyone. The students in our group come from diverse backgrounds and majors, from studio art to finance.  No matter where you come from or where you hope to go professionally, the Masters of Management Program can provide you with the skills and confidence you need to get there.    

Clare Tuck