Student Experience: Markea Gilbert

When I was an undergraduate senior about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business management, I was introduced to the Master of Management program by a professor. I had not seriously thought about attending graduate school, but the professor made it seem like a good idea so I started to consider it. I researched the MMG program as well as MBA programs at other schools. Ultimately, I was accepted into both types of programs; however, I chose the MMG program because I felt it fit better with what path I wanted to follow.

The MMG program offers a one year educational experience that focuses on the main skills and knowledge a person would need to prepare them for the business world. The program explores leadership, team work, analytical skills, communication, strategic thinking, creativity, and so on. I felt this program would be a good match for me coming from a business background because it brings into perspective what I think are the essentials that I would want to retain and have developed when I enter into the workforce. I can honestly say I did not retain all of the knowledge I acquired in my undergraduate years, which I think other people with business backgrounds or any other background can relate to. For this reason, I like that the MMG program brings these essential topics into a narrower straightforward package so to speak. Also, some of the courses go more in depth into topics that I was introduced to as an undergraduate which helps to further my knowledge and skills in management.

Some things I find unique about the Master of Management program is the effective transitioning of students into graduate school that have just graduated from undergraduate school. Many of my classmates and I entered graduate school into the MMG program after only a few short months of graduating as undergraduates. The program started in the summer where we had several off campus team building activities that were fun and insightful for ourselves individually and as a group. Another unique thing about the program is the career development course taken in the summer as well where we had a career consultant give us knowledge, skills, and experience on interviewing, networking, business attire, etc. This knowledge would normally be given to a student if they sought out a career management center or through individual research; however, it is incorporated into the MMG program. The other thing I find unique about the MMG program is the international trip to India in between the first and second semester. This trip will give us the opportunity to experience a different culture and business environment in a global setting.

Lastly, my MMG program experience consists of 12 students in total. We all come from different undergraduate backgrounds, and we want to pursue various career paths. I like our small group because we all are getting to know each other, and it allows the professors to get to know us as group and individually. The MMG program gives me the ability to interact daily with a familiar group of people similar to joining a company in the real world where I will be interacting with colleagues.

Markea Gilbert