India: A Place to Remember

While most Tulane students were preparing for finals, the MMG students were flying to India as part of our Economic Environment of Global Business class. We spent about a week in Bangalore, India, exploring the city and visiting companies to have a better understanding of global business. The city was beautiful and incredible. The first day everyone arrived, we went sightseeing (due to some necessary itinerary changes) and visited a few temples and gardens. Between sites, we experienced firsthand how people drive in Bangalore, which the class described as both amazing and dangerous, and how vendors line the streets to sell their merchandise, which varied from flowers to shoes to figurines. When the professors advise you to bring comfortable, walking shoes, listen to them. We did a lot of walking.

We visited about six companies, which included both in-office meetings and on-site factory walk-throughs. We spoke with countless managers and executives about their careers, companies, education, and past. It was an eye-opening experience because the amount of possibilities for a career choice is countless. The ability to be an entrepreneur is available to any of us (who has a great idea with determination and capability to create it). Companies, like Teabox or Theramyt, were start-ups with a great idea and foundation that allowed them to grow and excel. Qwikcilver and Dell India spoke of Sales and Marketing positions I never considered (I was a Sales and Marketing undergraduate), and the Railroad Wheel and Axle factory and Volvo Bus Factory showed us how their products were made through a full assembly line procedure. Each of the companies we visited were amazing in its own way and if you are unaware of any of these companies, feel free to google them. My personal favorites were Teabox and Qwikcilver.

We also visited some villages and interacted with the residents who were involved with a program that assist and educate the residents to better their livelihood. It was definitely something worth experiencing. Listening to someone who is so grateful for the little that he or she has is astonishing and the determination to better themselves and their families is heartwarming. I remember hearing that some of the kids were excited to go to school and one boy said he wanted to be a software engineer. The enthusiasm to learn and the clear goals set is often a rarity and is very refreshing.

Although there were some complications for me along the trip, it was a once in a lifetime experience. India is a place to remember.

-Hillary Nguyen