PMBA Port Visit

On April 13 Professor Knud Berthelsen accompanied his Asia-Global Leadership class on a site visit to The Port of South Louisiana.

We received a warm southern greeting by the Executive Director, Paul Aucoin, and staff. This was beneficial to our class as we learned of the magnitude of international trade that occurs through this port facility. The tour included the port’s terminal, the Marine Security Operations Center and the Globalplex Terminal which sits on the former Godchaux Sugar Refinery, and the port’s terminal. 

This 335-acre, public terminal offers full service to all shippers and manufactures with water, ground and air transportation which enables this dynamic, industrial maritime park to meet shipper’s needs with flexibility and efficiency. The Port of South Louisiana makes claim as a major gateway by being the biggest tonnage port in the United States, the largest grain exporter in Louisiana with exports going to 90 countries, and the largest energy transporter in the U.S. with 4 major oil refineries.  The port ranks first in foreign trade in the U.S. with $75 billion in merchandise received.

Tenants of the Globalplex Terminal include Barton Mines, a waterjet abrasives provider, Baumer Food, maker of Crystal Hot Sauce, NATCO Food Service,  a restaurant supply company, and Evonik Industries, a producer of surfactant.

The port operates a 24/7 emergency response division which mitigates crises and provides safety and firefighting equipment within their jurisdiction.  The training received aids to prepare and prevent emergencies to help ensure safe passage.

The Port of South Louisiana stretches 54 miles along the Mississippi River and it a true asset to the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.

Here is a picture of the PMBA Spring 2016 Asia Global Leadership Class with Professor Knud Berthelsen and Paul AucoinExecutive Director of The Port of South Louisiana



Sue Barrosse
PMBA Candidate Summer 2016