John Raymond, CEO and founder of The Energy and Minerals Group, lectures on corporate and business strategies to be successful on the energy commodity industry

On this day, students had the opportunity to see real life application of concepts learned in the Energy Strategy Capstone class by James McFarland while listening to John Raymond, CEO and founder of EMG, talk about the main strategies that have lead to the success of his firm.

The Energy and Minerals Group is a large and diversified natural resources private equity fund with an outstanding performance, not by chance. John Raymond explained how their competitive positioning is due to their focus on investing in different commodities, geographies and lines of business, and how they have established diversification as key to their success. He also highlighted the importance of understanding the geology, the quality of the human capital, and having enormous amounts of liquidity, as it is a capital-intensive business. And let´s not forget the Trinity of the energy commodity business: being a low cost producer, having high quality products, and being strategically located to market.

Having a bright mind like John Raymond walk you through the success of his firm while deepening on the challenges and characteristics that make this industry so unique, was indeed a phenomenal experience.

Diana Fakih
Master of Management in Energy 2017