Student Entrepreneur Spotlight:  Ryan Baker, BSM 2020

By Oliver Martin

Lepage Fellow Oliver Martin working with Ryan Baker on perfecting his submission to the 2018 Tulane Business Model Competition

Ryan’s Hometown: Harrison, New York

Major: Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing

Year of Graduation: 2020

Entrepreneurial Idea:  A digital marketing platform that allows direct marketing for local business through a voting and rewards system

What interests you about entrepreneurship?

The risk. The reason I find risk so interesting is because high risk is usually paired with high reward. To be able to access high rewards, I realized that I needed to minimize my risks, while maximizing my rewards. I view entrepreneurship as guidelines/teachings to maximize rewards and minimize risks, which in the end give someone the best chance at success.

What are some of your achievements in entrepreneurship?

I recently started working as a Business Analyst Internship with MyRentHero, a start up from a Tulane alumnus who has been teaching me how to take an idea to market.

I am also currently working on my own start up that is a digital marketing platform.

Through working on my startup, not only have I learned a lot about the startup world, but I have been able to meet a lot of new people who have been helping me through the process. I plan to use the connections I am able to create through my website to develop future professional relationships.

Do you have any advice for other student entrepreneurs?

My advice is to read The Lean Start Up.  This book completely changes the way that you think about startups.  Instead of the classic approach, this book emphasizes more trial and error in the process of starting your own business.

Additionally, you should not hide your idea from everyone because that is where all the best advice will be.  Don’t be afraid to go to your local resources for help.  Throughout my process of starting my own business, I have been able to gain many valuable insights from outside help.  Giving your idea exposure can be the reason it takes off.