Freeman School alum launches “eharmony” for manufacturing

Michael Lizanich II (B.S. ’16)

Michael Lizanich II graduated from Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business in 2016. In addition to his studies, he spent his time playing football and starting his very own business. Read on to learn how he sold his first business before graduating and started a new one!

Tell us about your time as a student at Tulane. What activities were you involved in? What did you study?

Hands down, Tulane was by far the most important and influential time period in my LIFE! I graduated high school early to attend Tulane during the Spring semester for football. And I am glad that I did that.

I was recruited to play football at Tulane as the long snapper for the football team. I was offered my scholarship Junior year of high school and committed to Tulane not long after that. In addition to throwing a football through my legs, I was actively involved socially. Unfortunately, joining a fraternity was frowned upon by the football coaches – so I did not do it – and I regret it! Even though I was not in a fraternity all of my friends were in fraternities and not just one, but several. So you can assume how that worked!

I studied entrepreneurial business management and minored in legal studies in the business school (before it was remodeled). I knew from the start that I wanted to go into business, especially entrepreneurship.

You started your first business while at Tulane. Can you tell us about that business?

When I wasn’t at football practice, class, or hanging out with friends, I was up in my Willow (same room for 3 years) dorm room putting together business plans. My first concept was a specialty real estate business, an automotive storage facility. I created the business from a piece of paper and grew it to a 7,000 SF facility with around $15,000,000 worth of assets all under my care, custody, and control. My clients were students, major Tulane donors, and international namesakes. Right before I graduated from Tulane, I sold that business to get onto my next step.

What have you been working on since graduation?

When I graduated from Tulane I applied and was accepted to the Georgetown Masters of Real Estate program. So, I moved myself up to Washington D.C. to start school. Once I moved up there, I was offered my “first” job (working for somebody else) at a $3B private equity real estate firm. I accepted it immediately. So, I was working full time, attending school full time, and I had another business idea that I wanted to pursue.

Tell us about your latest business venture. Why is this an innovative idea?

I never thought that I would step down the technology path, but I did. I launched Manufacturefy, the “eharmony” for the manufacturing industry.

If you have an idea for a product (or already make one) you post it on Manufacturefy and you will receive quotes directly from Manufacturers that able to fulfill your order without the need for a third party. In short, our algorithms connect manufacturers with products, across all industries and scales around the world.

One of the most important parts in a new business is to have a “freedom to operate search” completed. This is a process where a firm looks at all patents and prior art to see if your “idea” already exists. Well, we invested in an international freedom to operate search. So all patents around the world were researched and dissected – and nothing was like Manufacturefy.

Where do you see your business in five years?

As mentioned previously, Manufacturefy is an international platform, so users from all around the world are meant to use Manufacturefy. In 5 years, we see our business processes to be at a “stabilized” level with employees and offices around the world.

What resources do you need to make this vision a reality?





-Fast internet connection

What was one thing you learned while at Tulane that helped make your newest venture possible?

In my opinion, athletics offered some of the best life teachings. One thing that I learned at Tulane – be relentless.