Joining local startup was the right move for Freeman alum


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At times, it can be troubling to think about what a future after Tulane will look like, but looking to the success of recent graduates can sometimes help ease the anxiety. A. B. Freeman School of Business alumn Danny Stagliano is proof that life after Tulane is just the beginning. Currently, Stagliano (BSM ’19) is an account executive at Levelset, a company that acts as a liaison between contractors and suppliers for payments on projects.

Danny Stagliano
Danny Stagliano

Stagliano studied marketing, finance and psychology at Tulane; however, he says that he never planned on working at a startup right out of school. He accepted Levelset’s offer because he really enjoys the culture a startup company can bring.

Stagliano began working at Levelset in October 2019 as a sales development representative, where he would source deals for account executives to learn their role. He said the goal, as promised by his boss, was to be promoted to an account executive once he hit a specific number, which he accomplished in just about three months.

While he finds his job challenging, Stagliano finds comfort in the fact that startup culture lends an opportunity for support and commutative growth. “It’s tough,” he says. “Definitely not as easy as it seemed to me, but I love the people I work with. They really do care about you.”

As Stagliano described some of his experiences at Levelset, it became apparent that working in a startup means working in an environment that is atypical of a traditional one. Some of the experiences that stand out the most to Danny are getting coffee with the CEO, having schedule flexibility and giving his input in other sectors of the company. Stagliano enjoys the unique offerings a startup company such as Levelset bring. As he describes it, “they really do give you the opportunity to create your own path.”

As for Tulane, Stagliano believes that the Freeman School prepared him well for working in a startup environment. He appreciates the fact that Freeman students get to explore how many departments in the business fieldwork through the interdisciplinary coursework. Although he is in sales, Stagliano is confident he could give helpful input in different areas of Levelset due to his time here at the Freeman School.

To help current students, Stagliano is currently attempting to start an internship program at the company. “I am really focusing on all of the colleges in the New Orleans area,” Stagliano says. “If anyone’s interested, you can reach out to me.”

Danny can be reached via email at and encourages anyone who might be interested in working at a startup in general to talk to him for advice on what to expect.