Meet the MBA Class of 2024: Mitch Murray

Mitch Murray photographed in the GWBC

Mitch Murray (MBA ’24) is a driven and analytical individual who is currently pursuing an MBA from Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business. His past experiences in the automotive and sports industries have honed his skills in analysis, problem-solving and creative thinking. Mitch is looking to pursue a career in finance after graduation, with a particular interest in private equity and investment banking.

Mitch credits the MBA program for honing his skills in finance and statistics and providing a vast network of alumni to connect with. “Getting reacquainted with finance and stats have been the most useful,” he says. “Tulane’s impressive network of alumni, especially those from Freeman graduate programs, has also been useful and provides lots of opportunities to MBA students.”

Throughout his professional career, Mitch has accomplished impressive feats such as managing the new vehicle sales department at Murray Chevrolet, where he helped the dealership to lead the city in General Motors sales every year. He is also an investor in a successful Winnipeg brewery, Kilter Brewing Co.

In his free time, Mitch enjoys running and exploring New Orleans. His passion for sports extends beyond running, as he also worked for an NCAA Division 1 Hockey Team at Western Michigan University, where he gained experience in the highly competitive industry and learned about analytics and the management side of sports.

Overall, Mitch’s passion for analysis, problem-solving and creative thinking, coupled with his diverse experiences in sales management and administration, make him a valuable addition to any finance team.