My Freeman Experience: Adia Handy (BSM ’23)

Adia Handy (BSM '23)

My experience at Freeman has been everything I wanted and needed in a business school education. I got the opportunity to take thought-provoking classes from outstanding professors. These courses have enhanced my knowledge of business concepts, and I will take them with me throughout my career and life.

A course that made some of the strongest impressions is my Negotiations class. I purposely chose the consulting track within the Management major because I wanted to take negotiations. The thought of learning how to adequately arbitrate a situation was incredibly valuable. I found that Negotiations leverages the skills of group dynamics as well as protecting my character’s interests. The lessons I learned in Negotiations have been incredibly valuable. I would have loved to take an additional course in the subject if it were offered. I am also interested in potentially getting my certificate through the Program on Negotiations. I found the skills I learned to be a great foundation for my career ahead.

Another class that has left a lasting impression was Corporate and Cooperative Strategy. Corporate and Cooperative Strategy pushed me and taught me so much about strategy and the knowledge needed to make important decisions. It has been immensely valuable to learn the importance of having a thought-out strategy and executing it. I am even considering a career in Corporate or Cooperative Strategies.

As I think about my overall experience at Freeman and while studying business, the biggest lesson I have gained is how impactful business decisions can be on the overarching community and the entire economy. Our decisions are not merely exclusive to just our companies. A corporation can make a decision that can have ripple effects. Furthermore, I learned that we must use an incredible amount of thought to make decisions that are mindful of our true goal. I also learned that business is more than numbers and revenue; it involves people as well as communities. However, I have also learned how undeniably important numbers are to business. Numbers tell us more than if the company is succeeding or failing. They tell us about the overall health of our company. Moreover, I learned that many things must be weighed at the same time to formulate the strategy that is needed.

My experience at Freeman has prepared me to be a thoughtful leader who understands the power and range of my decisions. Furthermore, I not only understand the importance of strategy, but I also have the skills to become a well-rounded business leader.

– Adia Handy (BSM ’23)