Notable Graduates: Ivy Robinson MBA ’23

Name: Ivy Robinson

Degree Program: Professional MBA

Hometown: Thomasville, Georgia 

Fun fact about yourself:  
I am crazy for costumes! I love any excuse to celebrate, and that definitely includes Mardi Gras, Halloween, and practically any reason to throw a party.  

Why did you decide to get your master’s degree?  
I have had the pleasure of working across many industries, and I feel as though the Professional MBA strengthens my skills and my network. It has been a phenomenal experience, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Tulane community.  

What was your favorite course and why?
Strategic Management, Corporate and Cooperative Strategy, and Management of Technology and Innovation with Dr. Sherif Ebrahim were all highlights for me.  I also loved the Negotiations intensive with Dr. Angelo De Nisi and Entrepreneurial Hospitality with AJ Brooks.  

Who is your favorite business professor? What made them special?   
It is nearly impossible to pick just one! Dr. Ebrahim is an outstanding professor; he is talented beyond words, thoughtful, and makes the course content interesting. I loved learning from Russ Robins in my first-year Statistics course; he taught me more in one semester than I could have ever imagined. AJ Brooks is an exceptional educator; he is dynamic, creative, and always willing to talk through an idea.  

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities, community work or leadership roles at Tulane?   
Yes! I was on the Graduate Business Council as the Liaison for the Career Management Center and Alumni Affairs. I was also a Graduate Fellow with the Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the President of the Freeman Consulting Group. In the first two years of my PMBA experience, I was a Tutor and Writing Coach for the Academic Learning and Tutoring Center. I am also a Business Case Manager for Fund 17, an organization dedicated to growing small businesses in New Orleans. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
I love live music, and I go to concerts as often as I can. I also enjoy traveling, hiking, and fine arts.  

What is your past work or internship experience? Include company, location, title.  
I am currently the Director of Strategic Development at St. Thomas Community Health. My first job after I graduated from the University of Georgia was in Washington, D.C. I worked in press relations on the hill, and then I moved to Austin, Texas before I chose New Orleans as my forever home. Overall, I’ve spent about 10-12 years in hospitality, franchise development, and entertainment. Most of my work is centered around communications, sales, marketing, and data visualization.  

Where will you be working after graduation?  
I would like to continue my work with St. Thomas Community Health here in New Orleans, and I would like to further my involvement in the entrepreneurship community.  

What are the top two items on your professional bucket list?   
I would like to be involved with the Tulane Alumni Association, and I want to continue supporting early-stage companies in the Gulf South. I also hope to become more involved with arts, music, and culture organizations in New Orleans.  

Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of, and why?  
This year, I am honored to receive the Tulane 34 award. I am overjoyed and so grateful to this community for this recognition and support.  

If you were talking to someone who was considering Freeman, what would you tell them?  
Attending Freeman is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have loved this experience from beginning to end! It has monumentally enhanced my life, and I have met some of the most incredible people during this program. If you remain dedicated and diligent, this experience will provide you with incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.  

What are your favorite things to do in New Orleans? Do you have a favorite New Orleans memory?  
I love to see music and art all over the city, backyard crawfish boils, and house parties. Each year, my sister and brother-in-law come down for Jazz Fest. We have the best time!  

Where do you hope to be in five years? 
I hope to be right here, in New Orleans, living my best life surrounded by friends and family. I love working for St. Thomas and being a part of the Tulane community. I hope to be making an impact, big or small, for the people that live here and the city that I call home. I want to help young businesses succeed financially, create jobs, and strengthen our local economy.  

What are your tips for balancing coursework, work and your personal life? 
Take breaks from your career and academic pursuits to spend time with your friends. Approach every task with gratitude. Learn to be comfortable with the unknown and keep your head up!