MBA Internships: Matias Pribor (JD/MBA ’24)

Matias Pribor (JD/MBA ’24)
Concentration: Energy
Internship: Analyst Intern, Maritime Partners, LLC; Metairie, LA

How did you approach the internship search process, and what strategies did you find effective?
I knew the role that I wanted and learned about my opportunity through my network. I reached out to individuals in the organization who shared my network and was able to arrange an interview.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience from your internship that had a significant impact on your professional growth?
Mainly just how difficult some of the tasks were for me. There were times when I felt like I was “swimming” but I also felt like this was a good thing because it felt like I was really learning.

How did your internship align with your career goals and aspirations? Did it confirm or reshape your career path in any way?
The internship aligns perfectly with my career goals. I am interested in vessel financing, and Maritime Partners is one of the premier alternative lenders in the space. It reshaped my career path in the sense that I am considering new landing spots, which has a significant impact on studying for the bar exam and other JD-related questions.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during your internship, and how did you overcome them?
One thing that I found challenging was acquiring the requisite institutional knowledge to be an effective team member. The inland/coastal marine segment is one that is typified by private businesses who guard their financial and operational data fervently. Getting enough background on these companies to understand the market dynamics was a challenge, but one that I feel much better acclimated to now.

Did you have a mentor or supervisor who played a crucial role in your internship experience? How did they support your development?
Everyone at Maritime Partners was so helpful and accommodating to me, especially given my law school background. I feel like they understood my limitations and strengths and helped me impact the business by giving me work that leveraged my skills.

In what ways did your internship allow you to apply the theoretical concepts you learned in your MBA program to real-world situations?
Vessel financing places significant value on contracted cash flows, particularly within the form of the charter agreement. Applying time value concepts to the time charter arrangement structure was helpful to understand investment and asset values.

Did your internship provide exposure to a particular industry or functional area that you had not previously considered? How did this influence your career decisions?
I have been around boats my whole life and am truly passionate about maritime transportation. I did not have exposure to the financing side of the business, and Maritime Partners was particularly helpful in providing exposure to that functional area.

Did your internship experience involve any international or cross-cultural elements? How did you navigate and leverage these aspects to enhance your learning?
Yes, I had the opportunity to work with many European bankers, shipbrokers and operators. I had experience working with non-US professionals in the past, but the opportunity with Maritime Partners was helpful in refining my skills.

Looking back, what advice would you give to current or future MBA students about maximizing the value of their internships?
Do not be afraid to be wrong if you can explain your justification.

How did your internship contribute to building your professional network? Did it lead to any valuable connections or mentorship opportunities?
I am enormously proud to have gotten the role at Maritime Partners. The opportunity was one that I had sought out for over a year, and I have had great networking opportunities simply for having worked at MP. I was also able to meet many great lawyers working in the space, which was exciting.


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