MBA Internships: Vasili Econopouly (MBA/MHA ’24)

headshot of Vasilios Econopouly

Vasili Econopouly (MBA/MHA ’24)
Concentration: Strategic Management
Internship: Administrative Health Intern, Sutter Health, Sacramento California

How did you approach the internship search process, and what strategies did you find effective?
I applied to over 20 healthcare companies. I found networking to be the best method. I was able to get lunch with someone who went through the internship, and he wrote a letter of recommendation.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience from your internship that had a significant impact on your professional growth?
A memorable moment was being able to present in front of the executive team about the current and future state of our ambulatory services. I also got the chance to attend symposiums where I met various executives across our 22 hospitals.

How did your internship align with your career goals and aspirations? Did it confirm or reshape your career path in any way?
Completing this internship confirmed my career path. I was doing meaningful work for them and seeing them use my research for decisions that affect patient lives.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during your internship, and how did you overcome them?
One of my projects involved doing work with M&A. I found research to be difficult, but I took a class at Tulane where I was able to consult both my notes and a classmate’s notes. This helped me with my research.

Did you have a mentor or supervisor who played a crucial role in your internship experience? How did they support your development?
I had a couple of mentors that I was able to learn from, who trust me and give me responsibilities. I go to them for confirmation. If I have a problem, I will do my best to solve it. My mentor also introduced me to many executives and helped teach me acronyms and terminology I was unfamiliar with.

In what ways did your internship allow you to apply the theoretical concepts you learned in your MBA program to real-world situations?
Classes I have taken on M&As have helped me tremendously. I also have been using a lot of analytics I was able to learn from Tulane.

Did your internship provide exposure to a particular industry or functional area that you had not previously considered? How did this influence your career decisions?
My internship provided me exposure to the administrative department of healthcare. I always thought I wanted to be in an administrative position within a hospital, but working in the system office, we are able to make decisions and implement change that affects both the hospitals and patients.

Looking back, what advice would you give to current or future MBA students about maximizing the value of their internships?
Make a statement. Showcase your skills and work 110% everyday. If you find yourself not busy, get busy. Propose projects and always make sure you connect with everyone you are working with.

How did your internship contribute to building your professional network? Did it lead to any valuable connections or mentorship opportunities?
I was able to connect with many executives across all our facilities including our 25 hospitals and medical foundations. I reached out and shadowed many people.


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